Kids GPS Smartwatch Phones

The kids GPS smartwatch phones gives parents the ability to call and communicate with their children anytime they are out of the house.

A true -lifesaver for the busy parent that needs to check up on their children throughout the day.

As our children grow and explore the world,they become more outgoing and eager to discover new things.Use the smart watch for kids to check their safety and well being.! Whether your child is at school on a field trip or visiting the park. The smart watch gives you a peace of mind, knowing your child is safe.

Key Features

  • The smart watch phones uses an app is called Se Tracker and is stored on the parent’s phone which allows two-way calling to pre-selected contacts only. The app is free and can be downloaded from the apple and google app stores.

Kids love to engage through chat messages. The smartwatch for kids allows the child and parent to call each other and send SMS messages to a set of pre-defined customisable contact numbers.

Check the location of your child at anytime using the accurate GPS+LBS+Wifi embedded technology

  • Notifications when a child enters or leaves a pre-defined safe area.
  • Setting a school mode so kids can stay focused in the classroom.
  • An integrated fitness tracker which monitors a child’s physical activity.
  • Set multiple alarms or reminder to prompt your child e.g. brush your teeth.
  • Dust and splash resistant, and other models come with swim proof. See selection.

Your Selection

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