Natural Paper Laptop Sleeve

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Natural Paper Laptop Sleeve

Natural Paper Laptop Sleeve is made from recycled natural brown paper . The paper is screen-printed and fused to cotton for strength. Sleeve inside is lined with padded black brushed cotton to protect your laptop from knocks and bumps. The bag is treated with Nano Liquid Glass (an environmentally friendly coating) that makes the paper water resistant – just to make it that much more practical.

And there is more: There are two pockets – one for the device and the other for pens, papers, cables – or whatever you wish to use a second pocket for. To close, the laptop sleeve has a hidden press-stud in the centre that ensures that your laptop is kept snug and safe in it’s sleeve.

Two hidden magnets hold the flap corners down to keep it looking smart. Laptop Sleeve is made out of reclaimed paper, fused for strength, padded to protect and coated to be water resistant.

Scribble and doodle on it with a permanent marker, or leave it natural. The choice is yours…


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We therefore advise that the user be mindful around water bodies. In effect we advise that users consider taking off the watch when carrying out activities where effectively they will not be using the watch, as it is difficult to ascertain the degree of deliberate exposure to water. How deep and how long. IP67 rating is defined as submersion to a metre for half an hour. In addition, it is important to note that the rating is defined under controlled conditions. The quality of the water is also important, as the rating doesn’t guarantee protection from submersion in other liquids – beer, coffee, salt water (ocean, pools) , soda, to name but a few.

However as per manufactures guidelines, the watches are able to withstand daily exposure of water (splashes etc) and dust hence carrying the waterproof/resistant capability advertised. This capability has no bearing on the functioning capability of the watch, which Awesome GadgetsNZ only use as price point not being called waterproof or resistant, as it is now standard for most smartwatches.

The ability of the watches to resist water ingress is maintained when the user ensures the lid on the simcard slot is firmly and securely tightened. Please ensure the lid has a seal, as that is what gives it its waterproof capability. As per manufactures advise found in the manual when you receive the watch, this capability is lost on failure to ensure this seal is properly closed when you insert the simcard. We at Awesome GadgetsNZ also do not refund or replace as a result as this comes as condition of use of the smartwatch.

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