The NEW Q-WATCH Z/q90 activity smart watch

Awesome GadgetsNZ received a sample from one of our potential suppliers from Taiwan to test and consider to include in our range of smart wearables and activity smart watches. Below is a review of the product based on our extensive tests to pass our quality assurance program. The new Q-Watch Z /Q90

Design and Appearance’

Design-wise, the Q Watch Z has a circular and stainless steel bezel, with a surprising feather lightness weight to it. The watch is available in a variety of 8 colors.

The watch comes with a cleverly designed crocodile inspired USB charger. The Q- Watch Z is securely placed inside the charging box with the watch closed. The USB connector is plugged in to a computer or a power source via power adapter. However we noted that extreme care must be taken with opening and closing the charging clips. The clips look susceptible and flimsy enough to easily break. The charging box is made of cheap plastic

The overall score for design and appearance is a 3/5 star performance.

Battery life

Battery life is possibly the most important feature of wearable tech. We measured the time it takes for a device to go from 100% to 0% and vice versa. Manufacturers do not normally recommend totally draining the battery. After allowing the watch to drain itself when we first received it, we managed to recharge the watch from dead zero to 100% in 3 hours of undisturbed charging. This suggest a relatively faster charge time compared to other activity smartwatch models.

It is important to note that battery life changes significantly depending on the functions you use. For example, having the watch continuously Bluetooth connected to the app on your phone. When the watch was continuously blue toothed, it managed to last a 8 days 10hrs prior to requiring a charge top up. We ran another test without being continuously blue-tooth connected. In this case we intermittently connected to the app via Bluetooth every evening to update our activity data for the day, and the Q – Z watch managed to last 16 days with no charge required.

Overall we gave a 4.5/5 star performance for battery life.

Phone integration

Our rating of the Q Watch Z included the ease of use which evaluated the setting-up, which can be laborious for some of these devices and integration of the app to the phone and its functions. And remember, the operating systems are still being developed and all of them have drawbacks or in essence behave strangely different.

For smartwatches, there are two main operating systems (OS) in the market, IOS and android. The Q Watch Z requires integration with the I-gotU Life App which one can easily download from the apple store or google store. The best thing about the app is that it is designed by the watch manufactures which makes it more specific to the watch, and thus is not a third party app like other smartwatches.

Setting up the smartwatch with the app is a simple and straight forward process guided through by a setup wizard.The simplified layout of the dashboard, allows a quick glance of all the vitals like steps, calories activity, sleep being recorded. The app also provides tips on improving your statistics.

As with most smartwatches apps, there is the option to setup notifications of other apps like facebook, whatsapp, sms etc installed on your phone. The app seamlessly integrates with other apps, giving the user the option to select or deselect where they require to receive notifications from. The notification is received with a gentle buzz through the smartwatch, making it harder to miss.

Our rating for integration was 4/5 stars performance.

Watch Interaction

The Q-90 has a built-in touch button system for interaction with the smartwatch menus. The manufacturer recommends that to obtain better response, make sure your fingers covers 60% of the button area while tapping. Screen activation areas are positioned at opposite bottom ends of the watch.

In our tests, we found this mechanism for tapping the screen to be relatively cumbersome and in most instances a hit and miss affair. Tap with either the index finger or thumb whichever is comfortable twice, but we found ourselves tapping several times until the selection we wanted showed up.

The watch would do better with an option to swipe than to tap, as it is a most natural action on these types of devices. Alternatively, a single press button that does the same action would simplify the urgent need to change parameters normally associated with ownership with these watches. Nevertheless, with persistence an a bit of a learned strategy, one can still do change the menu options, as per the current design.

We rated the watch interaction a 2/5 stars performance.

Q Watch Z Specifications

Motion sensor: Ultra low power 3-axis accelerometer
Heart Rate Sensor: Continuous wrist –based optical sensor
Display: 240X240 pixel LCD color display
Weight: 38g
Device Dimension: Ø42 mm
Control: Capacitive Touch Button
Changeable Band: Yes (20mm watch band compatible)
Band Material: Bio-compatible TPU wristband
Accessories: Charger X1
Battery: Li-Polymer Rechargeable
Battery Life: around 7days (24 hours continuous heart rate
Wireless Interface: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Interface
Transmission Range: 10 meters
Operating Temperature: -10°C_ 50°C
Water proof: 5 ATM (avoid sauna or steam bathing)
Compatibility: iPhone 4s, 5, 6,7, 8, X series, Android 4.3
App: i-gotU Life /i-careU life

Overall Q Watch Z Performance

We would consider including the watch as part of our products catalogue on a basis of its sleek design ,good app integration and the feature full app.

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