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How to setup AI Care Elderly Watch App?

The Ai Care Mobile App is the most advanced and reliable way to monitor the AWG-LT05, AWG-LT16 and AWG-LT18 elderly smartwatches. With prioritized notifications, care givers can attend to the elderly, precisely when needed. The Ai Care Mobile App lets you know what is happening at any time. Below are steps to assist with how to setup AI care Elderly Watch app.

Insert Sim Card to WatchWe normally recommend Vodafone NZ (One). We have extensively tested with the network. All other network providers also work.
Insert your Prepaid or contract sim card.   Ensure Simcard is Activated through ISP.
Ensure watch is turned off  
Ensure Watch is connected to Mobile NetworkMake a call to the smart watch number from your phone.
The watch should be able to ring to confirm connection.
If call is going to voicemail, check if sim card is sitting properly.
Check if you have good network coverage on the left corner of the watch.  
calling watch ai app
Download the AI Care AppInstall AI Care App on your phone or tablet. Get app code from Manual.Google search AI Care Appai app online searchai app code                
Register the AI Care AppWhen app is successfully loaded.
Go to Register  
registration iof ai app
 Enter email address. Click Get Code  bget code for ai app
 You will receive a User Registration email with a Verification Code. Please check your emailemail for ai app registration
 Once is Code Verified, the App will prompt you to enter its IMEI number. Please Click Confirmprompt to enter device ai app
Binding Watch to AppPlease click – Input IMEI number Watch IMEI is located inside the watch.method to add ai app device
 Press through the watch and go to the POWER OFF button Write down the IMEI displayed on the watch Power Off screen.  power button to get imei for ai app
 Enter the IMEI on the registration page. 
Connecting to InternetAfter binding watch is successful, watch may show Device Offline message error on a foreign map.  
It means watch require to be connected to local GPS servers  
At this point ensure you can phone the watch.If not please find a place where there is good 4G network coverage.
Ensure networks bars are also shown on the watch
foreign land on ai app showing
Command SMS CodesThe following set of Command SMS Codes will assist with quickly setting up the watch to be fully functional with your network.
Set Network Provider APNAPN settings allow access to the internet, provided by the simcard network.
For Vodafone

how to setup api app for elderly watch
Set Host/DomainThe Server host is set as follows:,8018#  
setting up domain for ai appsetting up host ai app
Set IPWatch requires to connect to the correct GPS servers.
Use the following Command:

  setting ip on ai app
 Once IP and Domain settings are changed, the watch is now successfully connected to the right servers, and Device Offline message will change.success setting ai app
Change Date & Time SettingsTo change time if not corrected automatically.

changing time on ai app
Watch Status After Completion of SetupIn order to show how the current watch is connected send the following SMS command:   #status#    final stauts of ai app

If however you are stilL facing issues. please let us know. We would recommend you send us snapshots of exactly at what point you are having issues to make it easy for our tech team to assist.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
Let us know the order number if you have purchased from us.

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