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GPS Locators for Autism, Dementia or Alzheimer

elderly watch showing off

GPS Locators for Autism, Dementia or Alzheimer enhance their safety and provide peace of mind to their caregivers. These devices, often referred to as GPS trackers or wearable GPS locators, allow caregivers to track the location of the person wearing the device in real time.

Personal GPS Locators

Personal GPS Locators are wearable GPS tracking devices that can be attached to a person’s clothing or worn as a bracelet or pendant. These devices have a GPS receiver that communicates with satellites to determine the wearer’s location. The location information is then transmitted to a caregiver’s smartphone through a tracking app allowing them to monitor the person’s movements.

The GPS Personal Locater has a continuous monitoring embedded app which shows the wearer’s location and reports the status of that location to caregiver’s mobile.

GPS locators have a positive impact on people living with Autism, Dementia or Alzheimers. The technology can help to reduce feelings of insecurity, reduced anxiety and worry of relatives and care givers.

Smartwatches with GPS Locators

    Smartwatches designed for individuals with autism or the elderly include GPS tracking capabilities. These watches have additional features like SOS buttons for emergencies and the ability to set up geofences, which can send alerts if the person leaves a designated area.

    Smart watches with GPS Locaters allows them to know where they can be located. The user of the device feel safe when outside of their immediate circle. It will automatically send off an SOS message through the app and immediately ring the emergency contacts.

    A virtual safe zone radius is set around a destination by which a notification will be sent to a caregiver’s number whenever their wearer enters into or leaves it.

    The caregiver can even talk to the wearer with a two-way calling facility, including audio channel in GSM with microphone and speaker which help in calling.

    When considering GPS locators for individuals with autism, dementia, or Alzheimer’s, it’s essential to consider factors such as battery life, ease of use, durability, and any specific features that may be relevant to the person’s needs. Additionally, privacy and data security should be taken into account, ensuring that any personal information shared through these devices is properly protected.

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    17 thoughts on “GPS Locators for Autism, Dementia or Alzheimer”

    1. Lomez Brown

      Hi there

      I would like to purchase one of these elderly watches and a gps tag tacker. But I am afraid it won’t be here on time for Christmas.

      Is there anyway I can pick up? I am in Auckland.

      Please let me know thank you 🙏

    2. Hi how far can the person wander from the house for the tracker to show where they are on the app? Does it have a SIM card in it?

      1. Adam
        Yes the watch requires a simcard, to allow one to call, or them to call. The tracking function can be set to a minimum 100m from from the house to trigger and alarm and further

    3. Jeanette Hinton

      Looking for a tracking device for 11 year old with autism what are ongoing cost once device is purchased?

      1. Jeanette.
        The only ongoing cost for smartwatches for kids is the credit you will require to top up, so that the watch can call you and can also receive and send messages. This is in the range mostly determined by how you normlly use other gadgets like a cell phone. A $20 credit may take you for a couple of month. We have a good selection of watches suitable for kids that require constant monitoring. We would recommend the following AWG-KT15

    4. Liane Lovegrove

      I’m looking for a simple to use tracker watch for my parents. Dad has dementia and mum needs to be able to keep an eye on him. Mum is technologically challenged so easy to use is essential. Can you recommend a watch

    5. Liane Lovegrove

      Thanks for your reply. Can more than one phone be set up to track? ie can the app be set up on Mums phone and mine? Also us the watch strap interchangeable? Thanks Liane

      1. Liane, a maximum of 15 people can be entered in the phone book to have ability to call or send messages to the phone. One person acts as the administrator and can give access to others they wish to have access to the phone through the se tracker app.Read through our blog on how to setup the se tracker app. However the Elderly Smart Watch come with extra features specific to the elderly.You can also download the manual for the watch and familiarise yourself with the watch prior to receiving the watch

    6. We recently received this product. We didn’t realise that it appears to need a SIM card installed in order for it to work. Is that correct?? All we want to do is track my Dad’s location. We don’t need it to make or receive calls or messages

      1. Paul
        Thank you for the message.The functionality to track is communicated between watch and an app on your phone which you require to download as shown in the manual.Location of watch wearer is done by the watch through 3Modes, GPS,WIfi and LBS.But for the watch to communicate Its position, a simcard is required and ot should also be activated and have credit/data.All trackers use simcards or telecom networks as a means to convey positioning.

      2. Paul
        Please note the simcard is necessary to allow the watch to have its full functionality. A simcard will require credit, which will provide data, which is required to transmit location position of your dad’s watch to you. The tracker will work but will not be able to communicate to the app without the simcard. Prepaid simcard is only $5, and you can charge it with say credit for $10, and that can last a while if you are not extensively using it.

    7. My mum has dementia and i would like for a simple easy watch for her to use. She is not tech savvy and you recommended to another person the watch AWG-FA28. How heavy is this watch? My mum can’t wear anything too heavy. Thank you

      1. Our latest version of the AWG-FA28 is relatively lighter and less bulky than its predecessor. However we can also recommend a pendant provided she doesnt mind to put on one. This one is our most popular pendant with no reported issues from customers:

        If intention is for mum to quickly SOS call you without scrawling into the watch to get numbers to call in an emergency, we have this bracelet smartwatch we have been encouraging others as well to consider.

        We would highly recommend it

    8. Are we able to set a geofence within a building? Mum has dementia and has started wandering, and we need to track if she gets out of her part of the rest home and into the public area

      1. Hi Bron.Yes the watch does allow to set geo fence, which will send an alarm, once the person wearing it, leaves the set radius. And when that happens as well, can also be tracked to know whereabouts.Important to probably get models that uses wifi for location triangulation, so that can be connected or linked to the resthome wifi.That way if GPS or LBS signals are weak for some reason, the wifi signal would give a more accurate indication of when they would have left the set perimeter

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