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  1. I have bought a smart positioning watch second hand for my daughter. When logging into the app it says “you…

  2. Hi. I can’t seem to make calls or receive calls on my daughter’s smartwatch. Sim is activated and works in…

  3. Hi I was after some advise, I set up my boys watch and downloaded the se tracker app and linked…

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  1. Are any of the smart watches for kids Wi-Fi capable and what would the average monthly data usage be

    1. Reece, on average a $10-$20 credit per month or 2 would suffice. The data is required to assist wit communication between the app and the watch. Otherwise most credit is used up mpre on making phone calls which is a user choice.Other data usage is a function of how the user spends time on apps connected to the internet if the watch has those capabilities.
      Yes some watches are WIFI capable. However all watches utilise WIFI, GPS, and LBS for a triangulation – determining the position of the watch.

  2. Philippa Nicholls

    I am trying to buy a watch for my mother but when I get to the postage section it defaults to $32.60 for express shipping. This seems extreme, is there an option to select a cheaper postage method?

  3. Mel McMinn

    What is the battery life on the Autistic GPS watch and does it have any water proofing for wearing in the shower?

    1. GPS Smart watch battery life is always a function of how you utilise the watch during the course of the day, just like your phone or other electronic device.However for normal usage the battery should last a day, hence we recommend you charge the watch overnight, when it is effectively not in use

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