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Elderly GPS Watch AWG-FA28


Delivery in 5 – 9 working days

Key Features

  • GPS Tracking
  • Medication Reminder
  • Activity Tracking
  • Heart Rate & Blood Pressure
  • Fall Tip Alert

Tracking devices for people using GPS are assistive technologies that can help to promote safe walking by alerting our loved ones when our elderly  wanders outside of a defined electronic geo fenced area. The Elderly GPS Watch AWG-FA28 Watch provides the geographic coordinates of that person so they can be found more easily and quickly through viewing on a map using se tracker app. Mobility and the freedom to walk outdoors are important for maintaining quality of life for the elderly

Key Features

Elderly GPS Watch AWG
4G Phone (2 way)

AWG-FA28 Elderly GPS Smart Watch make and receive phone calls to and from a set of  controlled contact numbers. Allows Video Calling between app and watch. Supports Fall Detection

Voice/Text Messaging

SMS messages can be sent and received from contacts you allow through the app.

Location Tracking/Positioning

GPS+ WIFI+LBS + AGPS positioning, Locate more accurately

Positioning  Tracking App

Available for iOS and Android, allows control of smartwatch in one easy to use free app. No subscriptions.

Historic Route Track

Past locations of the GPS watch is stored up to 3 months in system for your future checking.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Based on the Pulse wave velocity technology, heart rate is monitored through the optical sensor, measured, and displayed on the screen as well as the app.

HD Camera

Take remote photos of the location where loved one is.

SOS Alerts

A dedicated SOS alert button can be used to call a sequence of guardians and even local emergency authorities when the numbers are set in the app.

Safe Places – Electric Fence

You can set a safe area centering around the watch wearer, the watch will automatically raise an alarm in your phone application once the watch wearer leaves the area. Suitable function for the elderly living with dementia.You can track multiple watches at the same time.

Long Life Battery

Actual battery life will depend on location update settings and time spent on calls. Overnight charging is recommended.

Step Counter

An integrated fitness tracker which monitors  physical activity.

Medicine Reminder

Set multiple alarms or reminders to prompt taking of medicine, or other scheduled activities.

Sleep Monitoring

Monitor number of turns during sleep

Water Resistant/Dust Protection

Smartwatch AWG-FA28 Elderly GPS watch is dust, splash and water resistant .

Elderly GPS Watch AWG-FA28 Fall Detection

Auto fall detection can sense a fall of less than two feet. This means that even if you fall off your sofa onto the floor, the sensor can call for help. It’s important to understand that it may take several seconds for the system to process the data to decide whether it has detected an actual fall, but this will help limit false alarms and improve the system’s accuracy and performance.

Once a fall has been detected, the smartwatch will make a sound and announce, Fall Detected. Press and Hold Button to Cancel. If you or your loved one actually needs help and do not cancel the alarm, the unit will then  call the emergency numbers in the phone book to alert them of the fall.

If you or your loved one is unconscious or unable to speak, the receiver of the call send emergency support services to the home and be able to call the watch and monitor the surrounding noise.

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