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  • Sale! Directional Antenna for Mobile Booster

    Cell Phone Signal Booster Antenna

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    • Antenna 9 dBi Wide Band 806-960MHz and 1.7-2.5GHz
    • SMA-Male and TS-9 2FT Cable (SMA-Male to TS9 Adapter)
    • Wide Range Multipurpose Log Periodic Cellular Broadband – Cell Phone 3G/4G/LTE Hotspot Compatible
    • Collect the cell tower signal and send it through the cable to an amplifier, cell phone or cellular data card.
    • This unique multi-band directional antenna covers the spectrum from 800 MHz and 1.7 GHz and can be used for cellular frequencies.
  • Sale! EDIMAX AC1200 Wireless USB Adapter WIFI

    EDIMAX AC1200 Wireless USB Adapter

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    Mobile Signal Booster Repeater


    Mobile Signal Booster Repeater Amplifier Forget holding your phone skyward and hoping for the best! Smart mobile signal repeaters amplify and then disperse a mobile signal in a defined area, so all mobile devices on that particular carrier will get improved reception. It’s certainly frustrating to experience unsatisfactory connection in your home or office every…