How to select Awesome Travel Gadgets?

person holding powerbank


A smartphone feels as essential as a passport when traveling around. From booking confirmations to boarding passes, credit cards and maps, our phones are full of crucial information. However, they become little less awesome travel gadgets when they’re out of battery. Get a portable power bank to keep you on the go.

2. Bluetooth speaker

Music speakers may not make it on your typical baggage list, but regular travelers know just how valuable this awesome gadget can be. Whether you’re chilling at a beach, lazing in an Airbnb or lying by a hotel pool, a small portable speaker can help travellers set a mood or start a party no matter where they are.

Our speakers not only pairs with phones but can seemlessly connect to bluetooth music players, ipads and projectors. Charges with USB cable

bluetooth speaker in black
white and black luggage tracking tag

3. tracking tags

We know these little devices have caused much controversy, as airlines flip-flop over whether they’re allowed in checked bags. In the meantime, tracking devices will still be a must-have for high fliers who want to keep close tabs on important items like suitcases, wallets, phones and cameras. Powered using Bluetooth, these keychain-like tags allow you to track the location of whatever they are attached to through your phone, computer or tablet.

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