How to select a mini portable projector?

Choosing a portable projector is about compromise – it’s making the right ones that’s the trick. How to select a mini portable projector is all about the need to take your big screen with you everywhere, from hotel rooms to camping. Or, you can just moving your screen around your house as you see fit.

Size and weight

Size and weight are two of the most important factors when choosing a portable projector. There can be big differences, too. It may make more sense if your plan is to travel a lot with a projector to choose a smaller sized mini projector. On the other hand, makes more sense if you’re largely going by car or want a projector that you can use around the home to go for a slightly bigger version.

As the lens on a portable projector is sensitive, look for a carry case or pouch for protection.


A lot of the early portable projectors had a low resolution, sometimes even less than standard 720p HD. Today, there’s very little reason to opt for anything other than Full HD (1920 x 1080).

With a full HD resolution, you’ll find that there’s plenty of detail in what you watch, even when watching on the largest screen possible.


A projector’s brightness defines where and when you can use it. Simply put, the brighter the projector, the brighter the room you can use it in, and the larger the image you can get.

More brightness means that you can take it outside during the warmer weather and watch from around dusk. As you can see, there’s a trade-off between size and brightness, so you need to balance which factor is most important to you.

How to select a mini portable projector?

Battery life

Portable projectors typically have batteries in them, so they can run when you’re not near a power socket. Ignore the stated capacity of a battery, as that doesn’t tell you much: a smaller battery in a lower-brightness projector may last longer than a bigger battery in a bright projector.

Instead, look at the quoted runtime. Typically, portable projectors will last somewhere between two and four hours on a single charge. That means a regular film (not an epic) or a few episodes of a TV show.

When using your projector on battery power, make sure that you choose your content carefully. And, regardless of the battery life, you will need to have an internet connection or offline content in order to watch anything.

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