AWG-FA28s Elderly Smartwatch

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Smart Watch for Elderly


Tracking devices for people using GPS (global positioning system) are assistive technologies that can help to promote safe walking by alerting caregivers when a person with dementia, or early stage dementia wanders outside of a defined geo fenced area. The AWG-FA28s Elderly Alzheimer’s Dementia GPS smartwatch provides the geographic coordinates of that person so they can be found more easily and quickly through viewing on a map using se tracker app. Mobility and the freedom to walk outdoors are important for maintaining quality of life for the people living with Alzheimer and Dementia. Wandering can provide beneficial physical exercise, a sense of personal autonomy, and social contact. The involvement of people with dementia in activities outside of the home can also relieve some of the stress of their caregivers.

Our AWG-FA28s Elderly Dementia Alzheimer GPS Watch from Awesome GadgetsNZ

  • Help reduce the time required to find missing individuals with dementia and the costs associated with search and rescue operations.
  • Increase the independence, autonomy, and freedom of some people with early- to moderate-stage dementia, and reduce caregiver anxiety and stress.
  • Help caregivers and emergency responders to quickly locate and ensure the safety of people who wander.
  • Assist people with dementia, feel more secure and allow them to be more independent.
  • Provides reassurance and relieve caregiver anxiety. Wandering adds more confusion to the lives of those already dealing with a disorienting disease, and leads many people with Alzheimer’s or dementia into unsafe situations.

 The AWG-FA28s comes with the following key features.

Phone call & Video call:

Besides serving as a GPS tracker, this watch can also work as a cell phone to make phone calls and video calls. When you go to SIM operator stores, sales guys may tell you our watch can not support their SIM cards. No worries about this, as long as you make sure the SIM is with data plan and voice feature, just contact us immediately, we can help you get the watch working at once.

Dust and Water Resistant:

This GPS watch has ingress protection for both water and dust. The  AWG-FA28s Elderly smartwatch can withstand accidental splashes for example rain, but it’s not suitable to be submerged into water (swimming pools, ocean), nor suitable for shower.

Electronic Fence Alarm(Geo-fence ):

Caregiver of the elderly can set a safe area through geo-fencing. The watch will automatically raise an alarm in your phone application once the smartwatch user leaves the geo fenced area. You can also track multiple watches at the same time.

SOS emergency call:

Elderly users can just press SOS button to circularly call family numbers for help in case of an emergency.

Voice chat:

The smartwatch and the care givers cellphone can send voice messages to each other.

Historical Route Track(Footprint Record):

Past locations of the GPS smartwatch in latest 1 month will be stored in system for your future checking.

Camera and Video Calling:

Support photo taking, and video calling.

Additional information



Screen Resolution



4G call,heart rate,blood pressure ,fall alarm

Charging time

3-4 hours;sandby time:2 days, working time :1 day


android 4.0& IOS 8.0


< 2'

Bulid in Memory


Operation System



Two way calling,voice chat,one key SOS,GEO-fence,pedometer

Model Number

Older GPS smartwatch I6


3G, Dual SIM Card, GPS Navigation, Touch Screen, WiFi

Display Color



24 hour instruction, Alarm Clock, Answer Call, Calendar, Call Reminder, Dial Call, Fitness Tracker, Lighting, Message Reminder, Power Reserve, Remote Control, Sleep Tracker, Calculators, Speed Measurement

Display Type


Band Material

Silica Gel




750mAh; rechargeable battery




LCD 1.4 inch IPS touch screen ,240*240 pixel

Case Material



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