AWG-Q50 GPS Tracker Watch


The Q50 kids smart watch provides simple communication between children and their guardians. It also functions as a mobile phone which only allows the children to call a set of numbers stored on the guardians watch.


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Key Features

2G Phone (Vodafone New Zealand Only)

Make and receive phone calls to and from a set of parent controlled contact numbers.

Voice Messaging

Voice messages can be sent and received only from contacts entered in the app.

GPS Tracking

Parents can view their child’s location on demand and location history using the free SE TRACKER app.


Available for iOS and Android, allows parents to control all your devices in one easy to use app.

Social Media Free

The smart phone with no open access to the internet, and no social media apps to distract them from the real world.

No Disturbance

Silence smart watch during class to avoid distracting your child and others.

Reward Hearts

Set up a reward and send hearts to your child’s smart watch to encourage positive behaviour anytime, anywhere!

SOS Alerts

The SOS alert button can be used to call a sequence of guardians or local emergency authorities in case of emergency. The numbers are set in the app.

Safe Places

Safe zones can be setup with customisable alerts to inform you when your child arrives and departs these zones.

Long Life Battery

Actual battery life will depend on location update settings and time spent on calls. It is recommended to charge overnight.

Alarm Clock

Set multiple alarms or reminders to prompt your child enabling them to become more responsible.

Package Contents

Smart Watch x 1
USB charger x 1.
Manual x 1

Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Lime, Pink, White